The transition from the womb to the world is a challenging one for your baby. Leaving the consistency and comfort of the womb for the ever-changing, highly-stimulating world can be a big adjustment. By creating an environment that mimics the womb, one can make that adjustment much easier for your baby. These same principles can also be […]

Play time is so important for our children as a foundation for learning. Here are some tips to encourage meaningful and purposeful play, to maximise your child’s learning opportunities through play:   Let your child have some unstructured play time everyday – don’t make their days so full with activities that they don’t have any time […]

Your toddler begins to learn through his senses from the day he is born. In fact, from shortly after conception, his senses are already developing. His sensory system is the very special part of his nervous system that receives and processes information in the brain. It is through this process that his brain will grown […]

There are very definite developmental stages in drawing. Every child is different, however when it comes to their art there is a very clear developmental line that can be seen. Keep samples of your child’s artwork at the different stages. Often at our workshops the scribbles done by toddlers are left behind and not seen to have […]

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