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The negative effects of pulling a child up by the arms

The Negative Effects of Pulling a Child up by His Arms

Picture walking along with your toddler – he stumbles and your first reaction is to pull him up by his arm to prevent any grazed knees.  However you may have caused more damage by that simple reaction. Dislocation of the elbow joint is commonly referred to as Pulled Elbow. A baby’s bones, ligaments and joints […]

Being flexible and regulating emotions

Being Flexible and Regulating Emotions

The world we live in is fast-paced and unpredictable. We are exposed to constant changes, unmet expectations, challenging situations and unexpected bumps in the road. Our personality has a large role to play in the way that we manage these situations i.e. type A versus type B personality’s.  However, we all need to develop resilience to cope […]



Tea4Kidz – The Ideal Caffeine-Free Drink For Your Little One Launched in 2001, Tea4Kidz is the first range of flavoured Rooibos tea ever to be created just for kids. Best of all, it’s a fun, healthy alternative to sugary drinks, that you’ve probably been looking for! With six different flavours to choose from, your little […]

Group Games

Child Group Games

Group activities are a great way of stimulating appropriate social skills. They provide opportunities for turn-taking, sharing, communicating and following rules. The activities listed here also focus on development and physical well-being. Activities to stimulate eye-hand coordination and ball skills: Beach/Park mini-golf: Use beach spades or plastic golf clubs to hit the golf ball. Set up […]

How does listening affect reading?

Learn how to listen with intent

I am a mother and a speech therapist wholly and passionately fighting for children to learn how to listen! It’s terrifying; the increase in difficulties with listening skills and auditory processing in recent years and my calling is to educate as many people as I can regarding this negative trend. Auditory and language processing refers to […]

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