Baby Gym

BabyGym® is a movement programme that mimics and stimulates the natural development of the baby’s senses, brain and muscles to ensure optimal:

  • physical development – can I handle my own body?
  • emotional development – am I loved and can I show love?
  • social development – can I reach out and make friends?
  • intellectual development – can I learn with ease?

Baby’s physical development receives priority during the first 14 months and as such BabyGym® utilises this precious time frame to show Mom, Dad and Nanny how to play baby to brilliance. Brain stimulation occurs when you gradually and gently wake up all of baby’s senses and muscles in a specific sequence. No matter how clever the brain, the brain needs wide-awake senses and strong muscles to prompt the brain into action.

Our programmes have been designed to guide Mom and Dad from pregnancy, through birth and through each of the physical developmental milestones including sucking, head control, rolling, sitting, crawling and walking. BabyGym® helps baby to relax and unfold from a curled up little baby to become a strong, curious and mobile little human being. Research has indicated that there is a link between the variety of movements a baby makes during the first few months of life and baby’s ability to adapt and learn later on in life. The purpose of baby’s first year is to develop to become alert, strong, independent and clever and BabyGym® makes this happen!

Baby Gym Activities
At BabyGym® we:

  • De-stress and relax baby to welcome touch and sleep well
  • Facilitate bonding between Baby, Mom and Dad
  • Stimulate the sucking reflex to aid quality feeding
  • Teach Mom and Dad how to aid good metabolism and digestion
  • Wake up each of the senses slowly and gently (sensory awareness)
  • Use fun and structured activities to develop the pathways between the senses, brain and muscles (sensory integration)
  • Master tummy time
  • Develop skilled hands
  • Develop body awareness, muscle tone, posture and spatial orientation
  • Reach milestones with quality movement
  • Move with confidence and coordination
  • Move with control and know how to STOP
  • Graduate from infancy to toddlerhood

Baby Gym Mothers


For more information go to www.babygym.co.za or email institute@babygym.co.za

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