Being flexible and regulating emotions

Being Flexible and Regulating Emotions

The world we live in is fast-paced and unpredictable. We are exposed to constant changes, unmet expectations, challenging situations and unexpected bumps in the road. Our personality has a large role to play in the way that we manage these situations i.e. type A versus type B personality’s.  However, we all need to develop resilience to cope […]



Tea4Kidz – The Ideal Caffeine-Free Drink For Your Little One Launched in 2001, Tea4Kidz is the first range of flavoured Rooibos tea ever to be created just for kids. Best of all, it’s a fun, healthy alternative to sugary drinks, that you’ve probably been looking for! With six different flavours to choose from, your little […]

Group Games

Child Group Games

Group activities are a great way of stimulating appropriate social skills. They provide opportunities for turn-taking, sharing, communicating and following rules. The activities listed here also focus on development and physical well-being. Activities to stimulate eye-hand coordination and ball skills: Beach/Park mini-golf: Use beach spades or plastic golf clubs to hit the golf ball. Set up […]

How does listening affect reading?

Learn how to listen with intent

I am a mother and a speech therapist wholly and passionately fighting for children to learn how to listen! It’s terrifying; the increase in difficulties with listening skills and auditory processing in recent years and my calling is to educate as many people as I can regarding this negative trend. Auditory and language processing refers to […]

Joanne Ravell – Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy

Joanne Ravell is a Speech Language Pathologist with a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Communication Pathology (Speech Language Pathology). She is a mom herself and has 12 years experience providing Speech therapy and assessments to a wide range of children. Joanne has special interest in early development and intervention (0-3 years old) and is passionate about […]

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