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Group Games

Child Group Games

Group activities are a great way of stimulating appropriate social skills. They provide opportunities for turn-taking, sharing, communicating and following rules. The activities listed here also focus on development and physical well-being. Activities to stimulate eye-hand coordination and ball skills: Beach/Park mini-golf: Use beach spades or plastic golf clubs to hit the golf ball. Set up […]

How does listening affect reading?

Learn how to listen with intent

I am a mother and a speech therapist wholly and passionately fighting for children to learn how to listen! It’s terrifying; the increase in difficulties with listening skills and auditory processing in recent years and my calling is to educate as many people as I can regarding this negative trend. Auditory and language processing refers to […]

Joanne Ravell – Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy

Joanne Ravell is a Speech Language Pathologist with a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Communication Pathology (Speech Language Pathology). She is a mom herself and has 12 years experience providing Speech therapy and assessments to a wide range of children. Joanne has special interest in early development and intervention (0-3 years old) and is passionate about […]

Strategies to help develop better concentration

Strategies to help better concentration

Physical activity has been shown to sharpen focus, possibly because it can help trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that are thought to affect learning and memory. Involve your children in sports and spend weekends or afternoons outdoors where possible. Reduce screen activities e.g. TV, TV & computer games, I pads etc. Children under 7 […]

Understanding our brain and the sensory system

Toptots understanding toddlers brain and sensory-system

Your toddler begins to learn through his senses from the day he is born. In fact, from shortly after conception, his senses are already developing. His sensory system is the very special part of his nervous system that receives and processes information in the brain. It is through this process that his brain will grown […]

How drawing develops in a toddler

How drawing develops in a toddler

There are very definite developmental stages in drawing. Every child is different, however when it comes to their art there is a very clear developmental line that can be seen. Keep samples of your child’s artwork at the different stages. Often at our workshops the scribbles done by toddlers are left behind and not seen to have […]

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