Healthy Plate – Healthy Me

Healthy Plate Healthy Me

One of the biggest stresses we can face as parents is getting our children to eat well.

Maybe it is just because of my profession, but I get so much satisfaction seeing my children trying new foods and tucking into their vegetables! Thanks to a new product I have recently launched, I am seeing this more often and my friends who are using it are raving about their children’s new found interest in healthier foods too.

The ‘healthy plate-healthy me’ concept is a tool to encourage children to eat more healthily but also guides parents and reminds them to offer balanced, correctly proportioned meals.

With childhood obesity, diabetes and ADHD statistics drastically increasing; I came to realise that there was a huge need for a basic, yet fun and child-friendly tool to teach dietary balance and portion control. ‘Healthy plate Healthy me’ is a fun way to get your children to eat their veggies and thus more balanced meals. In trials the children loved matching the characters on the plate with the foods they were eating and were motivated to make healthier choices.

It also made children more aware of the function of different foods and the roles they play in their bodies.

The plate is made of melamine, is BPA free and dishwasher safe.  The centre diameter is 18cm, making the size appropriate for a child’s portion. It has a white background to avoid it being sex specific and thus suitable for boys and girls.

The plate and book  are sold together as a pair and are available to purchase on the Toptots website via the online store.   Click here.

Healthy Plate Healthy Me

Written by Claire McHugh –  BSc (Dietetics) RD – Specialist Paediatric Dietician

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