Homeopathic Remedies for Babies and Toddlers

Homeopathic Remedies for babies and toddlers

A lot of moms want to go the natural route but are unsure of how to get started. Here are a few of the most common homeopathic remedies used for toddlers and babies. You can easily buy most of these remedies over the counter and they are very useful to have around the house on a day to day basis.

Arnica – We all know Arnica for those muscle aches and pains but we often forget this remedy for use in our children.  You can use it in an oil or ointment topically for bumps and bruises or give the tablets to prevent those horrific shiners after injuries.  Just remember Arnica should not be used on open wounds, only on bruises.

Wecesin Powder – Now this one is for open wounds. Moms fresh out of the newborn phase may have used this for baby’s umbilical cord.  It is excellent for drying out and sterilizing the umbilical cord but it also has many other uses. As it says on the bottle –  “graze and weeping wound powder”.  The beauty of it is that it is a powder and not a stinging ointment, it can be sprinkled onto cuts and grazes and stops the bleeding pretty quickly and disinfects at the same time. Wecesin Powder is also great for shaving cuts (for those of us moms in too much of a rush) and slow healing wounds (such as those mozzie bites your little one has scratched open repeatedly).

Chamomilla – This is the classic teething remedy, for those mizzy little ones around teething time, and considering they cut teeth well into  their two’s it’s a good remedy to have around. Also good for those terrible two tantrums, when they don’t know quite what they want and neither do you, a few doses of Chamomilla will sort that out. Also use for upset tummies that either go with teething or just on its own.

Rescue Remedy – At times, more for mom than child. These little pills that help even us adults to relax after a trying day. Rescue tabs or drops  are useful for kids too for nightmares or when you need your little one to calm down at night after a very busy day of activities. Also for our  more anxious little ones, before a big day at school or after a bit of a fright.

Mag Phos – Mag Phos Tissue Salt No. 8 is the “cramp and spasm tissue salt”. A very important remedy to have around for little sore tummies. For colic in infants it can be crushed and given before feeds. For cramps from tummy bugs or upset tummies, 1 – 2 tablets can be chewed every hour.   Also useful for muscle cramps or growing pains.

Ferrum Phos – Another important tissue salt, the anti-inflammatory tissue salt, Ferrum Phos, Tissue Salt No. 4. You know when you just know your little one is coming down with something but you can’t quite put your finger on it, then this is a good time to start dosing with Ferrum Phos.   It is useful in the beginning phases of illness, for fever and inflammation.

Calendula – Calendula is an excellent natural antiseptic. You can use it in an ointment or apply the tincture directly to cuts in older children.  Just be careful with the tincture around small children as it can sting a little and be a little messy. Obviously it should not be put in the eyes. The ointment is really nice for use even on small babies and works like a charm for nappy rash.

Silica – Silica Tissue Salt No. 12, the cleansing or eliminating tissue salt often used to push out toxins. It is great for little ones with gunky eyes or blocked noses. Also works as a great “detox” after vaccinations to prevent potential side effects.

Pulsatilla – Classically Pulsatilla is for your more weepy, whiny, clingy child. It is a great remedy for blocked noses and especially when your little one is not feeling themselves and is having a whimper and a whine about everything and is permanently attached to your side.  A few doses of Pulsatilla will help save yours and their sanity.

Nat Phos – The anti-acidity Tissue Salt No. 10 is great for acidity and indigestion. For babies who struggle with digestion or often “oops” after milk, 1 tablet can be crushed before feeds. Great for upset tummies in older babies or toddlers, where there are those sour yellowish loose stools or when the stools are a bit acidic and are beginning to burn. Good for heartburn and acidity in us adults too.

These are my few lifesavers that I have used countless times since my kids were babies. It’s really easy to use homeopathic remedies if you have a few simple pointers. Hope these help you to get started on the road to health.

Written by Dr Tania Komar Wood – Homeopathy M. Tech (Hom) UJ –  Registered Homeopath

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