Is my baby at a healthy weight?

baby weight gain

As new parents, one of the biggest stressors is whether your newborn baby is growing as they should be. Am I feeding them too much? Am I feeding them too little? Is my breastmilk doing its job? Is the formula enough?

These are questions many moms seem to ask themselves during their baby’s first year of life. It is important to note that all children are different, and while the below information is the growth chart standard, your child may not stick to the numbers exactly. Besides gender, things like genetics, height, breastfed or formula-fed and prematurity may all play a role in how much your child weighs at any given age.

is my baby at a healthy weight

Also remember, that your scale at home may be different than the one at the hospital, doctor’s rooms, or clinic. If you are concerned about your child’s weight gain, Dischem Pharmacies have a Well Baby Clinic where you can take your child for a quick weigh-in and chat with the nurse about whether they are on track or not.


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