Joanne Ravell – Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy

Joanne Ravell is a Speech Language Pathologist with a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Communication Pathology (Speech Language Pathology). She is a mom herself and has 12 years experience providing Speech therapy and assessments to a wide range of children. Joanne has special interest in early development and intervention (0-3 years old) and is passionate about preventing learning difficulties by stimulating children and babies adequately with creativity and play. The development of Auditory Processing is a particular area of interest. Joanne’s Therapy is play-based, movement based and builds confidence, decreasing anxiety in children who are prone to anxiety. She is a keen public speaker and can be seen giving talks and workshops to parents, teachers and therapists.

For more information go to www.facebook.com/listenwithintention/

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