As parents, we are always searching for ways to assist our children in any way possible. It is for this reason that Toptots has introduced a new resource for all our parents – Toptots Matters. We bring the experts and their professional insights straight to you. No appointments, waiting time or astronomical fees. Need some advice on feeding your toddler? Battling to get your little one to sleep? Worried about their development milestones? Simply search our topics that you need to know more about and let our variety of experts help you be the best parent you can be.

Toptots Matters professionals talk online
Toptots Matters online talk

Understanding your child’s development

with Aimee Isaacs – Occupational Therapist
28 July 2020 @ 7pm in the Zoom Room

Let’s talk development.  Aimee Isaacs, a registered occupational therapist guides you through understanding your child’s development.  She will be talking about a baby’s developmental milestones and when to look for help if needed.

Aimee Isaacs in an Occupational Therapist based in Cape Town with more than 10 years’ experience in child development, developmental delays, and play. She has a keen interest in development and learning through play and is passionate about helping parents and caregivers engage meaningfully with the children in their care through play. Aimee’s 8 years of experience in lecturing, training, and resource development in the field of child development, enables her to help parents and caregivers understand child development in practical ways that help the child grow, learn and thrive.

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toptots matters professionals talk online

Treasure Baskets and Play Based Learning

with Sally Rodrigues – ex Pre-School Teacher
4 August 2020 @ 7pm in the Zoom Room

Play based learning is a great way to assist your child’s development.  Join Sally Rodrigues, a Heuristic Play Specialist and learn all about age appropriate  stimulation and how to introduce play based learning to your baby or toddler.  Heuristic means to explore and discover or for a person to learn something for themselves. Sally will be discussing age appropriate stimulation and how to introduce heuristic play to your child, using items that exist around the home.    Her enthusiasm and practical wisdom is contagious and inspiring. Come along and gain valuable insights into the educational benefits in offering your baby or toddler creative exploratory play experiences using household objects.

Sally Rodriques

Sally Rodrigues is a Montessori-trained educator with 14 years’ experience in Early Childhood education in both South Africa and England. In addition to this she also has experience in teacher training and curriculum development, with a focus and passion for making teaching more creative and learning more child centered.  Sally launched Be Play Learn 8 years ago and it’s here that her experience as Mom and educator perfectly complement each other. With a clear understanding of the skills a toddler needs to make them preschool ready and a passion for encouraging exploratory and sensory play, Sally inspires and equips parents to play purposefully with their babies and toddlers.

toptots matters professionals talk online

Connecting and Co-regulating with your Covid Tot

with Jessica Wasserman – Educational Psychologist
11 August 2020 @ 7pm in the Zoom Room

This talk will take moms on a journey through the brain states of their Covid-anxious tot, and the behaviours and emotions that follow. Join Jessica as she discusses practical tips and strategies for managing and regulating the brain states of both mom and tot, so that you may begin to connect and co-regulate in a safe and compassionate space.

Jessica Wasserman - Educational PsychologistJessica Wasserman is an Educational Psychologist who has spent almost a decade working within the Western Cape Education Department, as a counsellor, classroom educator, and district psychologist, servicing primarily the gang-inflicted areas of the Cape Flats. Over the past 4 years she has become increasingly aware of the large body of work related to trauma, and the enormous impact that trauma has on the brain i.e. on learning, emotions and behaviour. This has led to her reading and investigating many of the latest theories and research in emergent traumatology and educational neuroscience.

Jessica hopes to continue learning and researching, so that she can continue to equip and empower parents and educators in their quest for regulation, connectedness and self-care.



toptots matters feeding your toddler

Feeding your toddler

Monique Piderit – Registered Dietitian
18 August 2020 @ 7pm in the Zoom Room

Join Monique on her second talk session on Toptots Matters where she will be discussing and answering any questions about nutrition for toddlers.  This promises to be another informative talk focusing on any specific concerns you may have on your young child’s diet.

Monique Piderit Registered Dietitians

Monique is a registered dietitian at Nutritional Solutions in Bryanston, Johannesburg. As a mother to a 1 year old, Monique combined her personal introduction of solids journey with her professional knowledge on nutrition and developed Oh So Simple Solids – a 30 min online introduction to solids course that includes a 6 week starter meal plan, recipe pack, and first foods checklist.

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Nutritional Solutions Course

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toptots matters talk conscious discipline

It starts in the heart

Mandy Herold – Conscious Discipline International Certified Instructor
25 August 2020 @ 7pm in the Zoom Room

Disciplining your child needn’t be scary. Join Mandy Herold as she discusses Conscious Discipline – teaching self-regulation that integrates social emotional learning and discipline.

Mandy Herold - Conscious Discipline

Mandy Herold has been working in Independent Schools with children aged 3-9 for 18 years. In that time, she has worked her way through the ranks from intern, student teacher, class teacher, learning support assistant, subject teacher and finally principal. Mandy has been the Headmistress at a leading independent school in Johannesburg for the last 10 years. She is Mum to two beautiful children, Robyn (11) and Ryan (13) and a proud wife to Garreth. Mandy also sits on the Board of Directors at a local Pre-Primary School. She is passionate about Early Childhood Development, Teacher Training, School Leadership & Management and Parent Education.


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