Wooden Animal Shaped Threading Board

R 70.00

Quality wooden threading boards in various animal shapes which includes a shoelace for threading. This educational toy promotes fine motor skills, encourages concentration and thinking skills. Threading is beneficial in strengthening small hand muscles and develops the pincer grip. Animal shapes available are: Giraffe, Bear, Hippo, Elephant or Mouse.

  • Dimensions Bear: 7cm (height) x 14.5cm (width) x 1cm
  • Dimensions Giraffe: 15.5cm (height) x 8cm (width) x 1cm
  • Dimensions Elephant: 9.5cm (height) x 14.5cm (width) x 1cm
  • Dimensions Hippo: 9.5cm (height) x 15cm (width) x 1cm
  • Dimensions Mouse: 9cm (height) x 15.5cm (width) x 1cm

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