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  • 1. Workshop fees: Our workshop fees are AED110 per class. Each term consists of 10 classes.

    2. Existing members: The fees for the 10 week term are AED 1100 and are payable in full to the facilitator.

    3. All new members have the option of paying AED110 for the first class only and the remaining AED990 before attending the second class.

    4. Methods of payment: Payment to be made in cash to the facilitator.

    5. Missed lessons: No fees will be refunded. We offer a maximum of 2 make up classes per term. Make up classes are to be scheduled in the same term as the missed class and will be offered only in classes where there is an available space for you and your little one.

    6. Clothing: Children explore very actively at Toptots and may get paint or textures on their clothes; even though we provide aprons.

    7. Mobile Phones: Parents are here to spend quality time with their children. We ask that you keep your phone on silent during the class and in the case of emergencies, please take the call out of the classroom to avoid disrupting the flow of the lesson.

    8. Snacks: We ask that you kindly refrain from giving your child snacks while the class is in session. We encourage water bottles and suggest that you give your child a small snack prior to entering the class.

    9. Instruments and toys: At Toptots, we try and provide your child with quality toys and equipment. We would appreciate it if you used this time in the class to teach your child to respect the lesson materials that they are working with. Our toys and equipment are sterilised everyday using natural essential oils for health and safety reasons. Toys are also regularly cleaned in a dishwasher to ensure all germs are gone.

    10. Illness: If your child is suffering from a contagious illness, please keep them at home so that the illness is not transferred to the other children attending the workshop. Our teachers reserve the right to ask you to leave should you or your child present symptoms of being contagious.

    11. Discipline procedure: At Toptots, we ask that the Mothers discipline their own children during the classes. However, if a child becomes aggressive towards the other children or extremely upset or disruptive during the class, the Toptots teacher reserves the right to ask the Mother and child to leave the room to allow the child to calm down before rejoining the group.

    12. Parking: Please note that neither Toptots or KidsHQ will be held liable for any damage to your vehicle or its contents.

    13. Visitors: While we welcome visiting family members to sit in on a class when pre-arranged with your Toptots teacher, we ask that you maintain a 1:1 child-adult ratio during regular classes. Please also note that this time at Toptots is for you and your attending child, and we ask that you do not bring additional children or nannies to the class with you as this can be disruptive to the rest of the children attending the program.

  • Hereby declare that I have read the terms and conditions regarding the payment system and other related items mentioned above. I fully understand and accept this information and fully understand that neither the licensed franchisee not Toptots Early Learning SA will be held liable for any loss, damage or injury of whatever nature whether consequential or otherwise however caused.
  • Terms and Conditions Accepted on: 18/11/2019
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