Super Nannies

Super Nannies

At Super Nannies, we believe every family deserves a Super Nanny. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect nanny or train your current nanny, we’ve got a great track record and you can find us in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Nannies play an important role within your family environment. As a nanny agency, Super Nannies likes to assist families in finding the right nanny for their home. We cater for busy working parents and families. Families who are on the go and need a domestic nanny to help them manage their households and busy schedules. Finding the right nanny is vital to managing a family home in a happier and organised environment.

Our nanny agents are mothers themselves and know how difficult it can be to have a new nanny in the home. We also know when you find that right person, what a difference it makes to your family life.

What we offer

We offer nanny placements and nanny training courses, with a strong emphasis on childcare. Super Nannies provides families with domestic nannies, nannies and childcarers. We offer training for domestic workers in childcare, stimulation, CPR and First Aid.

We work with other service providers that offer courses such as domestic cooking classes, swimming and driving lessons. We also advise parents on how to manage their staff should they request the assistance. Super Nannies believes that nannies should be treated in a fair and equal manner by paying them a market related salary with decent working hours.

For more information: www.supernannies.co.za

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