We’ve gotten so much out of going to Toptots – dedicated time together each week; ideas on age appropriate games and activities; social interaction and new friends (both of us!); and lots and lots of fun. Koren is a great facilitator, and I’d recommend Toptots to any parent.

Jonica / Toptots Bryanston
Nathalie and Charlotte
Playing the Toptots cd in the car to kids on way to school and Charlie keeps begging me to go to Toptots again!!! Was such a precious time. Thanks for everything you do Kim. Really appreciate you and your amazing class. Will be a memory we will all have forever. You truly are an amazing teacher Kim.
Nathalie and Charlotte / Toptots Durban North
I find the baby and mother class very stimulating and we have learned a lot and my son and I have a great bond together. He is learning something new every week. Thank you Rakhi at the Midrand branch and keep up the excellent work you are doing.
Anon / Toptots Midrand
If it wasn’t for Toptots, I wouldn’t be the mum I am today! Thank for all the great ideas and most excellent advice I’ve been receiving for the past 6 years!
Vibha / Toptots Mondeor / Glenvista
My daughter and I love Toptots. I get new ideas every week as to how I can stimulate her and play with her to develop her skills. I enjoy chatting to other moms as well. Koren, our facilitator has a genuine love for children and she loves helping moms. We hate missing a class!
Venessa / Toptots Bryanston
Elia loves Toptots and Bronwyn is amazing with the little ones!
Melissa / Toptots Vaal

Testimonials Toptots

Sonja (edited)
We have been at Toptots for just over a year now and the bottom line is that it is definitely one of the best things I could have done for my son. Toptots has vastly developed his social skills and helped with his cognitive skills through all the various activities we do. He has matured emotionally and gained the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.
Sonja (edited) / Toptots Bryanston
Delia (edited)
The activities are fun, and can be done at home, and now even her big sisters love doing Toptots songs and games with her. Toptots has been like a part of our family for our girls growing up and I would recommend it to any new (or experienced) mom as a wonderful opportunity to make friends, learn about your baby and have fun while teaching.
Delia (edited) / Toptots Edenvale / Greenstone
Jayrusha (edited)
Thank you for your patience with Kairav and your re-assurance, he is slowly coming around and will be as fun-loving as his brother soon. But I will allow him the chance and space to develop at his own pace – he’s a special miracle baby whom we almost lost at 3 weeks old and he’s come around leaps & bounds – and I’m so proud of him! So Well DONE on the job you do and I think you are fantastic with all the babas – you have a heart full of endurance and God Bless You!
Jayrusha (edited) / Toptots Westville
Shannelle (edited)
There are so many reasons I would recommend a Toptots class to a mom. Your child gets to socialize with other babies his or her age. Toptots teaches them basic manners, shaking someone’s hand, saying please and thank you and sharing with friends. Toptots teaches them to listen to instructions. They learn new skills and you as a mom also benefit from this class because there is so much information you gain to help make your little one’s learning experience a lot of fun at home – and let’s not forget all those great memories.

Shannelle (edited) / Toptots Mondeor / Glenvista
It is wonderful to meet up with other moms and share tips and experiences! The class also gives me ideas on how to be more creative with making educational and fun crafts for my son. The musical stimulation he has received at Toptots has definitely sparked such a love of music and awakened a possible talent in that field. Kyle and I look forward to Wednesday mornings.
Anon / Toptots
Am absolutely thrilled with the program. I enjoy it and look forward to it each week. My son is now 6 months old, and he loves his Tom-e doll and he loves when I sing “you’re my baby” to him. Thank you for an awesome program.
Anon / Toptots