(13 - 18 months)

Toptots Tips 13-18 months
During this period your Infant may:

Physical Development

  • Walk freely without support.
  • Creep upstairs.
  • Go down stairs backwards.
  • Walk, stop and start.
  • Enjoy pulling toys around.
  • Attempt to throw a ball.
  • Climb onto a low chair.

Language and Communication

  • Jabber with expression.
  • Speak a minimum of 20 recognizable words.
  • Point to objects when requested to do so.
  • Start to put two words together.
  • Follow simple instructions.
  • Identify at least three different body parts.
  • Imitate sounds e.g. brrrmmm for a car.
  • Enjoy sounds, looks up to the sky when hearing a bird or aeroplane.
  • Enjoy looking at pictures in books, pointing at familiar things.

Emotional and Social Development

  • Say “NO” often, even when she may mean yes.
  • Probably be irritable when tired or hungry.
  • Be somewhat anti-social (this means not wanting to share her toys).
  • Be extremely curious, wants to explore everything.
  • Become less afraid of strangers. Stranger anxiety passes.
  • Still misses mom when she leaves but better than before.
  • Play alone for short periods of time, provided the toy is age appropriate and interesting.

Warning Signs

  • No attempt to walk.
  • No attempt to talk or repeat or copy sounds.
  • No speech.
  • Abnormal grasping of objects.
  • No pincer grip evident.
  • Unable to understand and respond to simple requests.
  • Mouths objects excessively.
  • Excessive drooling.

If, at the end of this period, your child displays any of the above warning signs, please consult a professional for a full assessment.

Please note that these are very generalized concerns. Toptots will not be held responsible for any warning signs not being mentioned here. This list is by no means complete. If you have any concerns whatsoever, it is best that you discuss them with your medical practitioner.

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