(4 - 7 months)

Tom-e Crawling
During this period your Infant may:

Physical Development

  • Learn to roll over.
  • Learn to sit.
  • Holds head up without support.
  • Kick legs and move feet in new ways.
  • Play with her hands and feet, often putting them into her mouth.
  • Put most objects into her mouth.
  • Can take her weight on her legs when held upright.
  • Reach for objects with both hands.
  • Increase the use of her fingers to touch, hold and look at objects.

Language and Communication

  • Have long, nonsensical conversations.
  • Start to chuckle and laugh.
  • Experiment with new sounds.
  • Start to recognize her name when called.
  • Imitate sounds like clicking tongue.
  • Watch what is going on all around her.
  • Love to look into a mirror.
  • Love to look at other faces, especially babies.
  • Hear the differences between one speech sound and another.
  • Get better at finding out where the sound is coming from.

Emotional and Social Development

  • Be very interested in her surroundings.
  • Enjoy being spoken to.
  • Love being around people.
  • Enjoy nonsense conversations.
  • Enjoy bath time, making large splashes.
  • Use her voice to get attention.

Warning Signs

  • General body floppiness.
  • Does not use both hands.
  • Does not look around to locate sounds.
  • Takes no interest in people.
  • Does not gain weight steadily.
  • Does not reach for or try to grasp objects.
  • Is unable to eat any type of solid food.

If, at the end of this period, your child displays any of the above warning signs, please consult a professional for a full assessment.

Please note that these are very generalized concerns. Toptots will not be held responsible for any warning signs not being mentioned here. This list is by no means complete. If you have any concerns whatsoever, it is best that you discuss them with your medical practitioner.

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