Why socialising your child is important

why socialising your child is important - covid 19

With the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, social distancing has become the new norm. While this is essential to protect ourselves and those we love, it has had a noted impact on our children. Never has the importance of children socialising and its benefits been more highlighted than in the past year when they have not been able to.

However, with the adoption of Covid-19 best practises, safely socialising our children is important for their development. According to Child Psychologists, here are some of the top reasons why your young child should be safely socialising.

Developing language skills in children

Socialising from a young age helps children develop language skills and increase future vocabulary. It also helps them learn what the appropriate things to say are in different situations.

Developing empathy in children

Having your child interacting with others will assist them in developing empathy. The ability to be kind, considerate and thoughtful of how others are feeling is possibly one of the most essential components of someone’s Emotional Intelligence. The earlier these skills are learned and used, the better.

Developing self-esteem in children

With socialisation comes an improved and developed self-esteem. This is because when children learn to make connections at a young age, their ability to make friends as they grow older will directly improve how they feel about themselves. Also, having someone other than a parent give them praise is an important boost at any age.

Developing conflict resolution in children

Having your child play out different scenarios with other children will assist them in learning how best to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. If possible, it is ideal for this skill to already be developing before children start school.

Developing happiness in children

Besides spending time with other kids being fun, studies show that socialisation also floods our child’s brain with oxytocin – better known as the love hormone. Research also indicates that socialisation improves your child’s memory and brain recall function.

Choosing a safe environment that has Covid-19 safety protocols for your child, and you, to interact with others will ensure they are getting the socialisation they need along with all its benefits. Toptots Parent and Child Workshop is a safe place to do just that – find a branch near you to register.


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