Are you looking for an opportunity to start your own business, running a business that gives you job security, where your career no longer depends on someone else but only yourself? Being able to have more time for your family and having the opportunity of working from home where your hours are flexible? Being financially rewarded for each hour that you put into your business? Toptots has the experience and a long history in Parent and Child workshops, to be able to back you up every step of the way – so why not join the Toptots team today?

Our Aims and Business Ethic

Our main philosophy at Toptots is to “grow with love.” We are passionate about this aim. We work to fulfil it by encouraging growth. Growth of the little children who come to us, growth of the parents, as they learn to handle new relationships and teaching skills with their children, growth of you as a franchise owner (in terms of personal enrichment and business skills), and of course, growth of Toptots as a whole. We believe that a country’s children are the greatest asset that it has, and therefore on a broader level, we feel that we are playing a constructive role in the future of South Africa.

We want to encourage the parent to become involved with their child as much possible, as this is the best gift they can ever give their child. To this end, we try and demystify Early Learning. Even though we use a lot of technical educational methods, ideas and terminology, we try and explain it to the parents in such a way that they feel more competent, understand their child better, and slowly start to use good teaching techniques naturally with their own child. The long-term effect of this positive relationship, we hope, will be as powerful in the child’s life as any early learning that may occur. We also provide a gentle alternative to being separated from mum.

toptots parent and child workshop

What does it take to become a Toptots Franchise owner?

We like to believe that we all operate together in a happy Toptots family. It is therefore important to us that prospective franchisees will become suitable family members.

An ideal family member would display the following characteristics:

  • Love and devotion for parents and children
  • A love for and an understanding of early childhood development
  • An inner drive and enthusiasm to succeed
  • Tenacity and energy
  • An ability to communicate with adults and children
  • Reliable and a sense of commitment to the development of the Toptots group as a whole
  • An open and honest disposition
  • A willingness to learn and to grow on a personal level

Steps to take to join our amazing team

To receive more information about our Franchise opportunity complete the Franchise questionnaire and we will send you information on earning potential and the financial outlay you can expect.

Feel free to contact us at (031) 262 4962 (Durban) with any questions. If you live close to any existing Toptots, we would like you to visit and get a feel for what a class is like. Once you feel that this is really what you would like to do we can proceed with the three stage application process. We are very careful with our franchisee selection, as we have a long-term relationship, and the success of the group depends on the success of each franchise owner.

Fill Out the Application Form Below:

Fill out the form below to contact Toptots with regards to joining the Toptots family.

Completion of this form does not obligate either party to proceed with a franchise.

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