Meet Raeesa Carim

Raeesa is a driven and ambitious individual who is the proud owner of our Musgrave branch.  Having given up a career as an attorney to raise her two children, her passion for early childhood development was born. Her journey to motherhood has played a vital role in fueling this passion.   Being a Toptots mum herself, the beauty of seeing a child reach their milestones and develop on a daily basis is one of the most rewarding experiences.  She says “seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler is like seeing the world for the first time all over again!”  Raeesa credits Toptots with equipping her as a mum with the skills and activities needed to ensure that her children reached their potential growth.  Having traded the courtroom for the classroom, Raeesa is excited to embark on the Toptots journey and help you and your child “grow with love”.  Join her for your free trial class today.

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